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Successful Delivery of Refueling Machine Specifically Developed for Methanol Gasoline Testing to Shanghai Motor Vehicle Inspection Certification & Tech Innovation Center (SMVIC)!

After many days of unremitting efforts, DEVAuto Equipment R&D Team successfully developed the fuel filling machine that can store methanol gasoline for SMVIC and made delivery on May 21.

The successful development of the fuel filling machine not only represents the excellent technology of the team, but also represents that we have fully understand the needs of customers and met the requirements for the storage of methanol gasoline and the related testing of methanol gasoline in the future.

Appearance Upgrade

In addition, our team also customize, upgrade and design the appearance of products that meet industrial aesthetic requirements based on product functions and customers’ needs. 

Details Display

It is believed that through this pioneering collaboration with SMVIC, we win the customer's recognition of the ability of our entire team, and gain the customer's further praise in terms of professionalism and safety.


Thanks to this breakthrough, the ties between major testing institutes and us will become closer in the future, and the ways and fields of cooperation will also become more extensive.



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