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Delivery of Gasoline and Diesel Dual Fuel Refueling Machine

The full-function refueling machine developed for customer was successfully delivered on June 20th. In addition to basic functions, this refueling machine also has the function of diesel refueling test, fully considering the needs and uses of the customer, which means the excellent professional ability of DEVAuto equipment R&D team.

Excellent Comprehensive Performance

Since establishment, the company has always been adhering to the scientific outlook on development, taking technology R&D and talent cultivation as its development goals. Every year, DEVAuto invests much in research and development and obtains excellent results.

DEVAuto pays more attention to R&D of new products and new processes. This refueling machine is a standard full-function one, including fuel temperature control, flow control, fuel vapor recovery, carbon canister purge, data collection and other functions, by which you can do refueling test, effective volume test,evaporation emission test, etc.. In addition, considering the needs of customers, it is also equipped with the function of diesel refueling test.

Details Upgrade

This refueling machine adopts the new model of 2023, and is equipped with the 3.0 version software system. The device has been further improved in terms of functionality and ease of use, and the user experience has also been further enhanced.


Innovation is the soul of a company and the key to maintain its vitality. DEVAuto is a national high-tech enterprise and specialized and sophisticated enterprise in the field of automotive technology, devoted to technological research and development, production and manufacturing in the fields of automotive energy conservation and environmental protection, as well as new energy vehicle thermal management. We continuously improve the comprehensive capabilities of our R&D team, provide professional solutions to customers, and help them effectively solve their problems. It is believed that in the future, DEVAuto equipment R&D team will get more breakthroughs and achievements.



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